Fun Fact about the Grammy Award winning singer Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift, one of the world's best singers, keeps making people crazy with her songs, stage performance, and her style. "The stage diva, the heartthrob of the young; these names are too few for Taylor Swift.

Fun Fact about the Grammy Award winning singer Taylor Swift.

She has given many interviews in which she has shared details about her personal life over the years. Check out some interesting facts about the Diva.

Fun Fact 1: Her Mother Wanted him to be a horserider

It is said that whatever God has planned for you, will happen, no matter what you are doing. By the age of 12, Taylor Swift was working hard to fulfill her mother's dream. Her mother's dream was for Taylor should become a horseback rider. 

Fun Fact 2: She also wrote a book in her teens.

Taylor Swift has been rich in talent since childhood. Coming out as a writer in your teens and writing a book called A Girl Named Girl is no easy task. the book is about a mother who gave birth to a daughter but desired to have a son instead. She said her parents still have a copy of the book.

Fun Fact 3: Taylor Swift has written songs for other artists as well.

Taylor Swift has written songs for Calvin Harris and Little Big Town, among others. Taylor Swift wrote "Better Man" and presented it to Little Big Town. Swift wrote "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home" for Miley Cyrus. Furthermore, Kellie Pickler and Swift collaborated on the song "Best Days of Your Life." Swift also contributed to Sugarland's song "Babe."

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