American Food: Top 5 Mouthwatering Dishes

The taste of food varies from country to country. Only the lucky ones get to travel to other countries and eat the food there. 

There are more than 190 countries in the world. The lifestyle and food habits of these countries are different from each other. This specialty brings tourists thousands of miles away.

America is the most attractive country in the world. Let us know which are the favorite foods of America. If you are a non-vegetarian, then, believe me, the food of America is a paradise for your taste. Here Are the Top 5 American Foods

American Food: Top 5 Mouthwatering  Dishes

It is said that there are 10 thousand words in an image. And here we are talking about food, so just by looking at the photo, you will feel the taste.

1-  Chicken Parmigiana

2-  Burgur and Fries

 3-  Fried Chicken and mashed Potato with gravy

4-  Smoked Brisket 

5-  Ribeye and Baked Potato 

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