Syrian army air strike kills at least 29 Turkish soldiers.

Syrian army air strike kills at least 29 Turkish soldiers.

At least 29 Turkish soldiers have been killed in a Syrian army air strike. According to information received from Turkish authorities, the attack took place in northwestern Syria. According to Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, about 34 Turkish soldiers have been killed in an airstrike on Thursday evening.

Rehmi Dogan, the governor of Hatay province of Turkey, said that many people were injured in Idlib due to this attack. Some other reports claim that the death toll is more than 29.

According to reports, Turkish President Rechep Tayyip Ardogan called a high-level security meeting, after which Turkey is responding to the Syrian attacks.

Idlib is currently in possession of the rebels and the Syrian army supporting Russia wants to free Idlib from the rebels. It is being told that the rebels have the support of the Turkish army.

President Ardogan wants the Syrian government to withdraw its forces from the bases where Turkey has built its military bases for surveillance. He also warned earlier that if the Syrian army continues to advance, they will take appropriate steps.

The Syrian government and Russia refused to accept the ceasefire in 2018, refusing to withdraw from the ceasefire line. Russia alleges that Turkey has violated the agreement by helping the rebels.

Turkish communication director Faretin Altun told a government news agency that the Syrian government's targets were targeted by Turkish air and ground forces and Turkey decided to avenge the attack in the same way.

Turkish-backed rebels said on Thursday that they had liberated the city of Sarakab, located in the northwestern part of Idlib, under the occupation of the Syrian government.

The battle in Idlib has been going on since December last year, due to which millions of people are migrating from here. The United Nations says that if there is a massive battle here, many people will be killed.

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