One person became alive after dying. He told the truth after death.

One person became alive after dying. He told the truth after death.
One person became alive after dying. He told the truth after death.
Bareilly, India: A house was crowded. Some people were shedding tears near the dead body. The bier was being made outside the house for dead body. After some time, the dead body was being taken to the crematorium. But something happened in the dead body. People saw that the dead body lying on the bier was alive. The person was then brought back home. There was a discussion in the whole area that the person was alive after his death.

You must not have understood this news correctly, so let's start from the beginning. Then you will know what is so special in this news.

One person became alive after dying

This incident is of Shaidpur, a village in Baheri, 60 km from Bareilly. Khemkaran lives with his family in the village. Khemkaran is 52 years old. Sunday was as normal as every day. Khemkaran was going to his farm at around 7 in the morning that he suddenly fell. Family members immediately showed him to a nearby doctor. The doctor, on investigation, found that Kemkaran had died. The family members started crying after hearing this news and came back home and started preparing for the last action.
Around 4 pm, the body was being taken to the crematorium that Khemkaran came alive.

He told the truth after death

People were wondering how the dead body could be alive. The body that had stopped breathing for the last 9 hours, the heartbeat was stopped, how that body became alive. Khemkaran was quite scared after being alive. The family was happy to see him alive. When Khemkaran recovered a bit, he told what he saw after he died.

Khemkaran told that when he was going to the farm, a man of great size came down from the sky and said that your time is over, come with me. I started going to the sky with him. I could see my family going down, but with him I was going upwards towards the sky. I was feeling tired while walking but I was walking with that big man.

After some time the man took me to a gate. Two people were standing there. Both of them were also very big. Those people looked at me and said that this is not that person, you have brought someone else. Send it down quickly.

After this Khemkaran's dead body becomes alive. Currently, Khemkaran has become a topic of discussion in the entire area since this incident.

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