Syria is the doorbell everyone is playing.

Syria is the doorbell everyone is playing

Syria is the doorbell everyone is playing.
Syria is the doorbell everyone is playing. 
If it is said that Syria is the most turbulent country in the world, then it would not be wrong to say. It is true that Syria is at the top of the world's most turbulent countries. The life of its citizens is like hell.
The life of its citizens is like hell.
The life of its citizens is like hell.

First, ISIS militants carried out violence in Syria, giving people terrible deaths. ISIS intimidated the world with its violent videos. After a lot of bloodshed, the ISIS was almost over, but now this new problem started.

Many countries and groups are involved in making this country hell. Each of which has its own agenda. Due to this, the situation has become more complicated and there is no end of the fight.

About 5 lakh people have died in Syria in the last 8 years. People died due to air raid, bomb blast, bullets and torture etc. And these incidents continue even today. Syria's condition has become like a doorbell, which everyone rings.

Why is Syria the doorbell?

Syrian Army
Syrian Army
Syria government's key supporters have been Russia and Iran, while Turkey, Western countries and several Gulf Arab states have backed the opposition .We are saying this because many countries are becoming the cause of unrest in Syria. Some countries are supporting the rebels of Syria, while some countries are supporting the Syrian government. But the public is suffering the most. The Syrian people are being killed from both sides.

There are two countries to support the Syrian government and its army.

First is Russia - which already had military bases in Syria, launched an air campaign in support of Mr Assad in 2015 that has been crucial in turning the tide of the war in the government's favour. The Russian military says its strikes only target "terrorists" but activists say they regularly kill mainstream rebels and civilians. 

Second is Iran. Iran also deployed hundreds of troops and spent billions of dollars to help President Assad.

Now let's talk about the opponents of Syria. 5 countries are included in this list.

The US, UK and France continue to help Syrian rebels. These countries aim to prove their selfishness by helping rebels. Now America has withdrawn its support from these rebels.

Turkey has long supported the rebels. Turkish-backed rebels have controlled territory along the border in north-western Syria since 2016.

Saudi Arabia, which is keen to counter Iranian influence, has armed and financed the rebels.

Israel launched several airstrikes on Syria. The reason for carrying out these attacks was that Israel was concerned with Iran's "military penetration" into Syria.

The consequences of this can be understood by anyone, but Syria has become the hell of the world.

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