Ranchi court has issued arrest warrant against film actress Amisha Patel

A big news related to Bollywood actress Amisha Patel has come out. Ajay Kumar, a film producer from Ranchi, had filed a case in Ranchi court against Amisha Patel. The reason for filing the case was that a check of Rs 2 crore 50 lakh given by Amisha Patel to film producer Ajay Kumar was bounced. But Amisha Patel did not give any positive response to Ajay Kumar in the matter of check bounce, due to which case was lodged on Amisha Patel.

The court sent summons to Amisha after the case was registered but there was no response from her side. Now the court has issued arrest warrant against Amisha Patel.

What is the Matter?

The matter is that in the year 2018, Amisha Patel was producing a film. The name of the film was Desi Magic. Amisha had taken 3 crore rupees from Ajay Kumar for this film. The film Desi Magic could not be shot and the film project was discontinued.

After a few days when Ajay Kumar asked for his money, Amisha gave a check of 2 crore 50 lakhs. This check bounced in the bank. Ajay Kumar spoke to Amisha on this, so she did not give any positive response. Ajay Kumar says that Amisha Patel started threatening him on this matter.

There have been allegations of fraud in the past

Amisha was accused by Pawan Verma, the owner of Moradabad's Dreamvision Event Management Company. Amisha Patel was to come for a dance program at a wedding event on behalf of the organizer company. Amisha had already been paid its fees. Amisha had charged 11 lakh rupees for this program. But Amisha Patel did not attend the event.

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