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 NASA's LRO could not locate Vikram Lander due to low light.
 A Chinese family, 11 members, 14 days, 23 times marriage and divorce.
 Prime Minister Modi and NSA Chief Ajit Doval in Jaish-e-Muhammad's hit list.
Donald Trump said Modi's statement was very aggressive.
Becoming American is the attractive nationality.
Can we protect ourselves from a road accident?
 Revenge porn videos, bumper ads, and Pornhub revenue.
 Blasphemy accusations, tension in Ghotki, Pakistan.
 The AK 47 costs 130 dollar at a donkey fair in Pakistan.
 Donald Trump confirms Hamza bin Laden killed.
 Drona strikes at two large oil refineries in Saudi Arabia by Houthi rebels.
 The day of the destruction of Earth that proved to be the last for dinosaurs.
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