How much does a pirated film affect a film's earnings?

Pirated film market

It is still not clear how far the pirated film market is so big, as there is nothing clear about who is taking part in this pirated movie market. They are acted upon by the police from time to time, but this action has little effect. Because the biggest fish in this market could not be detected. All those who are caught in the police action, they run small shops.

Still, it can be estimated that the effect of any film on the pirated CD market will affect its earnings. Assuming that a film is in or about to be installed in the cinema hall and its pirated CD has arrived in the market, then people will not see the film at all, who would have purchased the pirated CD of that film or downloaded it from the Internet. This means that those people dropped out before becoming a part of this film's revenue. You can understand that the average ticket for a movie in theaters is around 100 to 150 rupees, and there are about 10,000 people who buy CDs of pirated film or download it from the Internet. And with these 10,000 people watching the film if there are at least 5, then this number becomes 50,000. Now you can figure out the price of tickets for 50,000 people for Rs 100. Which is worth 50 lakh rupees. The earning of a film which could have been 50 lakhs could not be due to the pirated market.

This is only an estimate in which a loss of 50 lakhs has been reported, but if these numbers increase, then the figures will increase manifold. People get to see the movie in less money, so that they compromise the quality of the film because the quality of the pirated movie is very poor. People easily get pirated CDs of any big film from Rs 10 to Rs 30, then those movies are downloaded for free on the Internet. These pirated films are easily found in the shops of every city. Who is their main source, it is not yet known.

Pirated movie upload sites

This has happened many times when the movie is already released, it has leaked onto the Internet. The network of these sites is so strong that it achieves the film. There is a site in India which is capable of leaking any film and makes its pirated CD available in the market. By the way, this site has now been shut down but this site is activated again. Talking of Tamil rockers here. This site has paid considerable dividends on the earnings of many big movies.

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