Miracle can make Pakistan a semi-finalist.

How difficult for Pakistan to enter semifinal

Australia, India and England sit in three places of the World Cup 2019 semi-finals. New Zealand is almost fixed for fourth place but still they have to wait for the result of the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It is not only necessary for Pakistan to win this match, but Pakistan will have to defeat Bangladesh by a huge margin. If Pakistan does so, it will enter for the semi-finals and New Zealand will be eliminated.

Pakistan's performance in the World Cup has never been the same. This team plays one match well, the other matches very poorly. For this reason, the semi-final stage has become very difficult for Pakistan. At the same time, Bangladesh has improved its performance a lot over the years. The effect of which has also been seen in this World Cup.

Let's look at the miracle equation for Pakistan.

If Pakistan wants a semi-final ticket, it will have to defeat Bangladesh by a huge margin. And the difference is so big that people will tell you this miracle. Rather, such match equations are not even made in the streets of the streets

It would be right for Pakistan to bat only because if Pakistan bats first, it will be in the right semi-final race at least for a while. If Pakistan got bowled first, then Pakistan would be out of the semi-final with the first ball. It is clear that if the toss prevents Pakistan or Bangladesh But batting came first from Pakistan

If Pakistan bats first, they will have to score more than 300 runs. And Bangladesh will have to all-out on a low run.

1- If Pakistan scores 350 runs, then they will have to all out Bangladesh for 39 so that Pakistan will win this match by 311 runs and come into the semi-finals.

2- If Pakistan makes 400 runs, then they will have to all out Bangladesh for 84 so that Pakistan will win this match by 316 runs and will enter the semi-finals.

3- If Pakistan makes 450 runs, then they have to all out Bangladesh for 129 so that Pakistan will win the match by 321 runs and will get the semi-final ticket.

These are the ones that can lead Pakistan to the semi-finals. This match has become more urgent for Pakistan. And victory is also such that it becomes history, but all this can be done only by miracles.

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