Is DLS method kills cricket?

Why does Duckworth Lewis find it difficult to calculate?

In the World Cup 2019, rain disrupted many times. But the chances of people of India were stuck when New Zealand was batting and rain came in the semi-final match. At that time there was a match of 46.1 overs and 211 runs were scored.

This rain was not taking the name of stoppage. When the time was too much, India got the target of 148 runs in 20 overs in the match. This meant that if the rain had stopped and the match had happened, India would have scored 149 runs in 20 overs. But New Zealand did not have 100 runs in 20 overs during their batting, then why did this happen to the Duckworth-Lewis Rule?

Understanding the Duckworth-Lewis Rule is not just about everyone. It is very important to learn statistics to understand this calculation.

 How Duckworth Lewis (D / L) Rules Made

The talk is about the 1992 World Cup semi-final. England and South Africa were in front of the semi-finals. South Africa was facing the goal and almost came close to winning the match. Then it rained and the match started after about 12 minutes.

The score that was shown then was 22 runs and 1 ball, but in reality South Africa had to score 21 runs in 1 ball. Everyone was surprised to see these scores. Frank Duckworth was also surprised by seeing this match score. Frank Duckworth was a statistician.

Frank Duckworth

He created a research paper on it. Duckworth's paper was joined by another mathematician named Tony Lewis.

Tony Lewis

Tony Lewis was a lecturer at the University of the West of England at the time. Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis made some amendments to this research paper with mutual consent and passed it to the England Cricket Board.

This rule then came to be known by the name Duckworth Lewis (D / L). After several attempts by the England Cricket Board, this rule was passed to the ICC, which was accepted. 

Then since 1997, this rule began to be imposed in every barred game. This rule was first used in the match of England and Zimbabwe, due to which the Zimbabwe won the match due to the D / L rule. Since the year 2004 the ICC has also decided to include these rules in their World Cup.

Professor Steve Stern

In 2014, the patron of the rule became Professor Steve Stern and the rule was renamed Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS).

So far, more than 200 matches have been done by this rule and almost every cricket team has lost the match won due to this rule.

There is a need to make some corrections in this rule only then it can be said that this rule is completely correct.

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