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Monday, July 22, 2019

Area51 and aliens..How many truths are there in this point.

Where is area51?

There are many stories in the world in the name of Area51 which people have coined by themselves. And have told these things to be true, but no firm proof of this truth has been revealed. Only new stories have come in front of people who have claimed to have witnessed the incident.

Actually area51 is located in Nevada, USA. This place is the test and training range of the US Air Force. There is no information on this place why the area51 name has been given.

What do people know about it?

There is no convincing proof of what people know about area51, so the truth of these things can not be trusted. One of these things is that the area51 has several times U.F.O. Has been seen descending. These U.F.O. There have been many times seen in this area and their speed is very fast, they can not catch any fighter jets.

The second story related to this place was done by a person claiming to work there who said that in the 80s there was a U.F.O. Crashed in which an alien was found injured. That alien was soon given medical treatment and then several tests were done on that alien, but no information could be found because no sign of conversation was understood.

The person who told this thing also showed some video footage related to the alien, so that information about the work going on in Area 51 reached the world but within few years all the claims of that person proved to be false because these videos were fake and that person in area51 Did not work at all.

In the 90s, a Hollywood film Air Force One appeared in which it was shown that tests were being done on aliens in area51 and information was being collected about another planet. This film also worked to prove the reality of Corey Kalpana in the minds of people in area 51.

So what happens in area51

Any security information in any army of the world is not made public. Even if it is an army of a small country. So how can the US Air Force make public information related to area51. What happens in Area 51 will not tell even the employee who has retired.

The world has been told as truth that area51 is the test and training center of the American Air Force.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

ICJ ban Kulbhushan Jadhav's execution, Pakistan was asked to reconsider.

ICJ's decision is in favor of India

The International Court of Justice has given the verdict in the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav, defying the spirit of Pakistan. This decision of the ICJ in The Hague is going to give a lot of relief for India. Out of a panel of 16 judges, 15 judges have rejected Pakistan's hanging petition. Only one judge who was appearing on behalf of Pakistan was opposed to him. On behalf of India is advocate Harish Salve, while on behalf of Pakistan, Jilani is giving his arguments on this side.

The ICJ court rejected all the allegations leveled by Pakistan and at the same time, this court also rejected some of the pleas of India, including the plea to release Kulbhushan. The court also said that Pakistan has ignored the Vienna Treaty.

According to the Vienna Treaty, it was Pakistan's responsibility to provide legal aid to Kulbhushan, which Pakistan did not perform at all.

What to say of Pakistan

In fact, Pakistan says that Kulbhushan Jadhav is a spy of RAW of India, who was living in Baluchistan for the purpose of creating unrest in Pakistan and was arrested on 3 March 2016 from Baluchistan by Pakistan's ISI.

At the same time, India says that Kulbhushan Jadhav is a retired naval officer and was set up in Iran for his business who was abducted by ISI from there.

In 2017 family members met Kulbhushan in jail

Pakistan had earlier given members of Kulbhushan Jadhav's family a chance to meet Kulbhushan. Pakistan had changed the clothes of his mother and wife and also removed the sandals of his wife, citing security.

Whatever was said by Kulbhushan to his mother and wife was made in front of the security experts of Pakistan and Kulbhushan's family was also told that whatever you will tell, it will not be in their mother tongue.

Pakistan issued a video of Kulbhushan's statement

In this video, Kulbhushan was praising Kanuni Madat from Pakistan. Kulbhushan was saying this video that he joined the NDA in 1987 and joined the Navy in 1991. Kulbhushan further said that since year 2013 he was working for RAW.

This video of Kulbhushan was 6 minutes. After this video, the Government of India admitted that he was a naval officer but did not believe that he was a spy.

Monday, July 15, 2019

How much does a pirated film affect a film's earnings?

Pirated film market

It is still not clear how far the pirated film market is so big, as there is nothing clear about who is taking part in this pirated movie market. They are acted upon by the police from time to time, but this action has little effect. Because the biggest fish in this market could not be detected. All those who are caught in the police action, they run small shops.

Still, it can be estimated that the effect of any film on the pirated CD market will affect its earnings. Assuming that a film is in or about to be installed in the cinema hall and its pirated CD has arrived in the market, then people will not see the film at all, who would have purchased the pirated CD of that film or downloaded it from the Internet. This means that those people dropped out before becoming a part of this film's revenue. You can understand that the average ticket for a movie in theaters is around 100 to 150 rupees, and there are about 10,000 people who buy CDs of pirated film or download it from the Internet. And with these 10,000 people watching the film if there are at least 5, then this number becomes 50,000. Now you can figure out the price of tickets for 50,000 people for Rs 100. Which is worth 50 lakh rupees. The earning of a film which could have been 50 lakhs could not be due to the pirated market.

This is only an estimate in which a loss of 50 lakhs has been reported, but if these numbers increase, then the figures will increase manifold. People get to see the movie in less money, so that they compromise the quality of the film because the quality of the pirated movie is very poor. People easily get pirated CDs of any big film from Rs 10 to Rs 30, then those movies are downloaded for free on the Internet. These pirated films are easily found in the shops of every city. Who is their main source, it is not yet known.

Pirated movie upload sites

This has happened many times when the movie is already released, it has leaked onto the Internet. The network of these sites is so strong that it achieves the film. There is a site in India which is capable of leaking any film and makes its pirated CD available in the market. By the way, this site has now been shut down but this site is activated again. Talking of Tamil rockers here. This site has paid considerable dividends on the earnings of many big movies.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Will Hundai Kona EV suitable for Indians?

Electric Vehicle (EV) is Future

It is completely true that the future of the electric vehicle will be the vehicle. Some countries in the world have started using electric vehicles and now our country India is also joining that category. This is the beginning of good news. But if you understand that this will make them happy with the Indians who are going to buy the car, then you are wrong because the price of these electric cars is going to be very heavy on the pocket.

But if you are rich in money, then electric vehicles of the present day are a good option for you. In India, Mahindra has its electric car bench, and now Tata Motors has landed in the market with its e-car Tigor. The price of these two cars ranges from 10 lakh to 12 lakh rupees. These ranges give ranges ranging from 100 to 140 kilometers, which is quite low.

How is KONA (EV)

This car can be called the real dealer of electric cars in India. Because this carriage interior, exterior, the train's range will give you a special type of action. For the present, these cars will be sold in 11 big cities of the country.

HYUNDAI KONA A S.U.V. The car is the feeling of the car which is 5 seater. The slim headlight and indigator give the look of this car an impressive look. The car has 17-inch tires that boost the beauty of this car.

The ground clearance of Hyundai Kona is 172 mm, which would be rightly said. The length of this car is 4165 mm. Talking about its width, this car is 1800 mm.

This car is a mix combination of interior and exterior of i20 and Creta.

A look at the features of Hyundai Kona

Bi-function LED headlamps
Rear skid plate
R17 alloy wheels
Roof rails
Leather seats
Leather wrapped steering
Soft touch pad on dashboard
Digital instrument cluster with supervision
17.77cm touchscreen infotainment system
Smartphone connectivity
Voice recognition
Steering mounted controls
Electric sunroof
Front ventilated & heated seats
10-way power driver seat
Electric parking brake with autohold
6 airbags
ABS with EBD
Rear parking camera
Drive mode select
Paddle shifters
8 yrs/1.60kms warranty for battery

Now comes the price of this car. They will have to spend at least 25 lakh rupees to buy this car. This car will come in two variants in which only the car color will be dual tone and there will be no difference. Its range will be 452 km which is a good and most important part of electric car.

Due to the battery of about 35 kW, this car will also get more range and speed. This car can hold a speed of about 160 km.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Is DLS method kills cricket?

Why does Duckworth Lewis find it difficult to calculate?

In the World Cup 2019, rain disrupted many times. But the chances of people of India were stuck when New Zealand was batting and rain came in the semi-final match. At that time there was a match of 46.1 overs and 211 runs were scored.

This rain was not taking the name of stoppage. When the time was too much, India got the target of 148 runs in 20 overs in the match. This meant that if the rain had stopped and the match had happened, India would have scored 149 runs in 20 overs. But New Zealand did not have 100 runs in 20 overs during their batting, then why did this happen to the Duckworth-Lewis Rule?

Understanding the Duckworth-Lewis Rule is not just about everyone. It is very important to learn statistics to understand this calculation.

 How Duckworth Lewis (D / L) Rules Made

The talk is about the 1992 World Cup semi-final. England and South Africa were in front of the semi-finals. South Africa was facing the goal and almost came close to winning the match. Then it rained and the match started after about 12 minutes.

The score that was shown then was 22 runs and 1 ball, but in reality South Africa had to score 21 runs in 1 ball. Everyone was surprised to see these scores. Frank Duckworth was also surprised by seeing this match score. Frank Duckworth was a statistician.

Frank Duckworth

He created a research paper on it. Duckworth's paper was joined by another mathematician named Tony Lewis.

Tony Lewis

Tony Lewis was a lecturer at the University of the West of England at the time. Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis made some amendments to this research paper with mutual consent and passed it to the England Cricket Board.

This rule then came to be known by the name Duckworth Lewis (D / L). After several attempts by the England Cricket Board, this rule was passed to the ICC, which was accepted. 

Then since 1997, this rule began to be imposed in every barred game. This rule was first used in the match of England and Zimbabwe, due to which the Zimbabwe won the match due to the D / L rule. Since the year 2004 the ICC has also decided to include these rules in their World Cup.

Professor Steve Stern

In 2014, the patron of the rule became Professor Steve Stern and the rule was renamed Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS).

So far, more than 200 matches have been done by this rule and almost every cricket team has lost the match won due to this rule.

There is a need to make some corrections in this rule only then it can be said that this rule is completely correct.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fall of BSNL.

BSNL and 1.70 lakh employees

It will be a matter of February 2019. The sadness of BSNL employees was being shown in media and on social sites. The matter was that employees were delayed in getting salaries and this was the reason that the CEO of the company Anupam Srivastava was in big trouble because he knew that the issue of salary in the media was much higher, then BSNL could not get a loan from the bank. In some way, arrangement of money was given to the employees in March.

But the matter does not end here because at one time how did this telecom company come to the bottom.

Ever had the peak, today is the lowest

In 2002, BSNL launched the mobile service. Within 2 years of launching mobile service, it became the largest mobile network in the country. The period from 2002 to 2005 was the golden phase of BSNL. This was the time when BSNL used to have a long line of 4 to 5 kilometers to get a SIM. People used to use various types of jugaad to get BSNL SIM. At that time BSNL used to have a reserve cash of up to about 35 thousand crore rupees but today this company has a debt of 20 thousand crores.

Has the day come for BSNL, it was a rule of the rupee today. At that time, the private mobile service company used to charge the money in a manner that BSNL started a major competition by launching its mobile service, so that private companies had to make a lot of cuts in their prices.

BSNL was the first to free up the incoming period, otherwise the customer had to pay the money for the encumber. It was BSNL that did roaming free.

That phase was different and today's phase is different. Today the service of this company is very bad. After all, what has happened that is causing loss to the company.

A look at the reasons for the loss

1- The first reason is that if the company starts any plan or strategy, it takes only 4 to 6 months to implement it, while another telecom company immediately applies its strategic plan or plan.

2- The average age of employees in BSNL is 55 years, so it is clear that this company does not work very quickly because most employees work under the old system and do not understand new technology soon. On the other hand, the average age of employees in other telecom companies is 40 to 45 years old.

3- BSNL's average customer revenue is around Rs. 30, while other telecom companies have an average customer earning of Rs. 65 to 70.

This is the reason that has become the main reason for the downfall of BSNL. On one hand, there was little talk that BSNL could be privatized. Now, seeing this situation, it seems that soon these government companies will be operated by private hands.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Honesty key to success.

Need for honesty

Honesty comes with sensation in every human being, but only few people are able to use it. And the rest of the people simply stop greedily using this honesty.

A person who does honesty with his work, duty, religion makes his special identity in this society and achieves success.

In today's era, a successful person is considered to be the one who does the job, and also has money. Well, everybody wants that they have money and work. But it is not necessary that these people have been honestly achieved by them. Because the person who works honestly is quick on the face, he is free from anxiety. Honesty was needed not only in today's time but by the arrival of the human race. By reversing the pages of history, you can know that when people abandon their integrity, their kingdom, their power, money and money all went away or looted.

Honesty is the key to success

There is a saying in Hindi that honesty is the key to success. This is absolutely true. The person who is honest with his duty, he is absolutely successful.

Now let's see that many unemployed youth in India apply for any government job every day, but only a few of them succeed.

It is clear that those who have worked sincerely to achieve their goal, they have got success.

Monday, July 8, 2019

sylvester stallon upcoming film Rambo5.

Hollywood action star or one man army

Hollywood action star Sylvester Stallone is known in every country of the world. Because his films are liked by the youth of those countries. His films have action so that people do not even get time to splash.

You must have seen all the parts of his film Rocky and if you have not, then watch all the parts of this film today. Believe me that you will like these movies very much.

In the month of September 2019, the fifth part of his film Rambro is coming, which is named RAMBO THE LAST BLOOD, this film will be the last film of Rambo series. This film was being discussed for many years but now this film is ready to knock in theaters soon.

Fans' craze for Sylvester Stallone

Fans are so crazy for their actor, this can be estimated by the fact that people are ready to pay $ 1080 for selfie with them. You read it right, a charge of $ 1080 for a selfie.

Selfie $ 1080, what is it?

Actually the thing is that Sylvester Stallone has gone on a tour of many countries of the world to promote his film. His fans are finding him in large numbers everywhere and he is also talking about his film's success, but fans want to meet Sylvester before going to live in the film and want to take his selfie with him.

Sylvester is well aware of this craze of his fans, hence his management team has created a special package which will be applicable in every country of the world wherever Sylvester will go for promotion of the film.
Package fee is kept at $ 1080, in which you can see Sylvester Stallone's live interview. Take selfie with them and can also have lunch, dinner.

True, money spent in film promotion can be done in such a way. And anyway, the fans are also enjoying this deal very much. It will now be seen how much love the fans receive in the movie Rambes, which is released in September.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Miracle can make Pakistan a semi-finalist.

How difficult for Pakistan to enter semifinal

Australia, India and England sit in three places of the World Cup 2019 semi-finals. New Zealand is almost fixed for fourth place but still they have to wait for the result of the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It is not only necessary for Pakistan to win this match, but Pakistan will have to defeat Bangladesh by a huge margin. If Pakistan does so, it will enter for the semi-finals and New Zealand will be eliminated.

Pakistan's performance in the World Cup has never been the same. This team plays one match well, the other matches very poorly. For this reason, the semi-final stage has become very difficult for Pakistan. At the same time, Bangladesh has improved its performance a lot over the years. The effect of which has also been seen in this World Cup.

Let's look at the miracle equation for Pakistan.

If Pakistan wants a semi-final ticket, it will have to defeat Bangladesh by a huge margin. And the difference is so big that people will tell you this miracle. Rather, such match equations are not even made in the streets of the streets

It would be right for Pakistan to bat only because if Pakistan bats first, it will be in the right semi-final race at least for a while. If Pakistan got bowled first, then Pakistan would be out of the semi-final with the first ball. It is clear that if the toss prevents Pakistan or Bangladesh But batting came first from Pakistan

If Pakistan bats first, they will have to score more than 300 runs. And Bangladesh will have to all-out on a low run.

1- If Pakistan scores 350 runs, then they will have to all out Bangladesh for 39 so that Pakistan will win this match by 311 runs and come into the semi-finals.

2- If Pakistan makes 400 runs, then they will have to all out Bangladesh for 84 so that Pakistan will win this match by 316 runs and will enter the semi-finals.

3- If Pakistan makes 450 runs, then they have to all out Bangladesh for 129 so that Pakistan will win the match by 321 runs and will get the semi-final ticket.

These are the ones that can lead Pakistan to the semi-finals. This match has become more urgent for Pakistan. And victory is also such that it becomes history, but all this can be done only by miracles.