Let's know who has more atomic bombs.

Why nuclear prosperity is important

The world has seen the world war twice. And almost every few years some such incidents happen, which seems that now the third war will start. Mankind is making progress and also making way for destruction. In this competition of destruction, every country wants to become a nuclear power. Countries which have become nuclear power, talk about peace but threaten nuclear attack on a dispute with another nuclear-rich country.

The world has seen the world war twice
The world has seen the world war twice

Every country in the world is aware of its security and the country has to be cautious about its security. Every major country continues to humiliate a small or enemy country, and in turn the rule of action-response comes out as a result. There are 195 countries in this world, but there are only a few countries, in front of whose power the rest of the countries become destitute.

These few countries are nuclear rich, that is why these countries have a different class. As time progresses, these countries will become powerful.

Nuclear prosperity has become necessary because the world can be ruled on the strength of it only because of nuclear power, other countries avoid showing their eyes on you. Only those countries who fight with each other have nuclear weapons.

These are nuclear rich countries

Out of 195 countries, only 9 countries are known as nuclear rich countries. These 9 countries have made the world aware of their nuclear tests many times. Let us know which are these 9 countries.

1- America

2- Russia

3- UK

4- France

5- China

6- India

7- Pakistan

8- Israel

9- North Korea

These nine countries threaten each other from time to time on the strength of their nuclear weapons. One thing to note here is that out of these 9 countries, there are only 2 countries which have reduced their nuclear weapons production. It is being talked about here in America and Russia, the nuclear weapons of these two countries have been declining continuously for the last few years. This may be a good sign, but the rest of the countries are constantly increasing their nuclear weapons at twice the speed.

This neighbouring country has done so much

This neighbouring country is none other than Pakistan, which has doubled the number of nuclear weapons (bombs) in the last 10 years. And has outpaced India in the number of nuclear weapons.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sweden, which analyses the status of weapons and global security in the world, has revealed this in its annual report.

Which country has the most nuclear weapons

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has presented the number of nuclear weapons of these 9 countries in its report. Let us see how many nuclear weapons these countries have.

Number of country              nuclear weapons (bombs)

Russia                                   6500

America                                  6185

France                                    300

China                                       290

Uk                                           200

Pakistan                                   160

India                                        140

Israel                                        90

North Korea                              30

Of these, only America and Russia have reduced the number of their atomic bombs, but these countries have so many bombs which are enough to destroy the whole world.

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