LOK SABHA Election - When politicians cry in front of voters.

By Ravi Srivastava

The third phase of Lok Sabha elections is to be held on April 23. In the Lok Sabha elections, leaders have used the latest tactics to woo the voters. From the nominations to the public meetings, the breathtaking talks of the leaders are heard.

But another card is being played to woo voters in this Lok Sabha election. This is an emotional card. This is the leader who has got the idea of ​​the power of democracy.

That's why he brought a flood of tears in his rally. And started showing that it is yours among the biggest well wishers. Jaya Prada became emotional during the public meeting about her insulting remarks. And tears came to her eyes in front of the public. How much he gets from Rampur with this emotional card of Jayaprada remains to be seen.

But today we will tell you that in front of voters in Lok Sabha elections, about the leaders whose tears have come on the stage.

1- Jayaprada

BJP candidate from Rampur, Jayaprada became emotional about her remarks by Azam khan. When Jayaprada was addressing the public meeting after filing nomination papers, she got emotional during this while stopping her speech for a few moments and wiping her tears. And then she started addressing the public.

 2- Azam Khan

Azam Khan, who had faced a 72-hour ban on behalf of the Election Commission after making indecent remarks on Jayaprada, burst into tears at the public rally in Rampur and started crying in front of voters. While crying, he was saying that he is treating me like I am a terrorist. If the government had been under control, he would have shot me. I did not want to contest this election. Why was I prepared? What is my fault? Then Azam Khan wiped the edge of his running tears with a handkerchief. 

3- H.D. Deve Gowda

The politics of dynasty has always been hot in the country. Politicians accuse each other of dynastic politics. In such a situation, as soon as the allegations were made on former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, he wept in front of the voters on the stage.

 4- H.D. Kumarswami

Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy started crying at the rally just a few days ago and started saying that media always kept saying that it was his last day as Chief Minister. Kumaraswamy said that false news is spread against him.

Whatever be the case, in this festival of democracy, the power of democracy is known to the leaders. And then how to woo voters would be considered with deep study. After which the emotional card is played again. Now he can tell the truth about the tears of the leaders.

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