This is the new Alto Car sold in Pakistan.

Alto in pakistan

If a company meets Pakistan's dream car cheap prices, then it is Suzuki. Suzuki unloads the car model in Pakistan that sells in India but there is one thing to look for here and it is that in Pakistan, Suzuki sells cars that were once sold in India in the '90s.

How is the new Alto launched in Pakistan

There is no difference in the design of the new Alto launched in Pakistan. The top variant of Alto has dual air bags, ABS, power windows and AC. Alto has been introduced with three variants. No changes have been made in the car's engine. It has a 650 cc engine which was in the earlier Alto. In Pakistan, engines of Euro 2 Narmus are still being sold. This shows how the car company there is selling old goods to the people at high prices.

What will be the price of new alto

Most people in Pakistan are crazy about Suzuki cars because these cars are cheaper than other cars. The base variant of Suzuki's new Alto will get around Rs 8 lakh and the top variant will get around Rs 10 lakh.

One more thing to note is that Suzuki sells his cars by assembling them in Pakistan. Suzuki brings one of the parts of its car and fits it in Pakistan and then these cars are sent to the show-room.

How is the condition of the automobile industry in Pakistan

The common citizen of Pakistan is forced to take a scrap from these car companies because most of the car companies there keep low-level cars in the market. People have no choice but to take these cars.

To buy a good car, almost any Pakistani will have to spend about 25 lakh rupees or else it will be a compulsion to buy only 10 million rupees.

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