Bhai Wah, Azam Khan saheb, are your election lyrics vulgar or decent?

Written by Ravi Srivastava, Lucknow

In the Lok Sabha elections, Jubani Jung and indecisive comments are being seen. Rampur SP leader and candidate Azam Khan introduced his unruly language under this verbal war.

Azam Khan, while commenting indefinitely on Jayaprada, said that it took 17 years for the people of Rampur to identify him and in 17 days I recognized that the color of his underwear was khaki.

Look at the extent of shamelessness at the time when Azam made this statement, at that time SP National President Akhilesh Yadav was also present. This comment of Azam on Jayaprada is indecent with slanderous. Didn't Azam Khan take care of the women of her house before making such a comment? After making such a comment on a woman, how will he show the women of her house?

It is the same Samajwadi Party that talks about women empowerment but leaves no stone unturned to make vulgar remarks on women.

Mulayam Singh Yadav had also given a statement on the rape that boys make mistakes. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav calls for women's empowerment but is sitting silent in this entire matter. Azam Khan calls himself the leader of Muslims. Call yourself read and written.

By making such vulgar remarks on Jayaprada, he has given an introduction to the people, expressing his mindset. Electoral frustration is evident on his face. People clapping on the statement of disrespecting a woman in such a way in a full meeting, just think if someone makes such a comment on the women in your house, how would it feel? Azam Khan got applause at this statement but lost his respect in how much respect he has for women.
The Commission of Women has summoned Azam by sending a notice, while Jaya Prada took a dig at Azam and asked if he did not even care for his mother and sisters. Azam's arms are flying everywhere and his honor is flying, but when a man is shameless, where is his honor. In his clarification, Azam said that without naming, I had said that it was not on Jaya Prada but on someone else who came to Rampur to take me (Azam Khan) with 150 rifles. Nowadays his health is going bad.
By making such indecent remarks, Azam has introduced his gothic thinking in such a way that he is afraid of this growing frustration and that Azam does not get ahead of underwear in the Lok Sabha elections.

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