Bagdadi is dead or alive.....What is truth?

ISIS Chief Abu Al-Bakr Baghdadi has laid his own dangerous web of terror all over the world. The ISIS has also claimed responsibility for the recent terrorist attack in Sri Lanka. The US gave the reason for ending the rule of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and a new terrorist organization was started and this terrorist organization started destroying the world.

About 5 years ago there was news of Abu Al Baghdadi being killed in an American drone attack. But even after this news, ISIS did not curb its dangerous intentions, which led many intelligence agencies to believe that Baghdadi may be alive. And now a video has been released by the media of ISIS in which Baghdadi is threatening to bear the brunt of the world. In this video, along with Baghdadi, three people are seen, whose faces have been blurred.

Whether Baghdadi is alive or not

This is not the first time that the head of a terrorist organization has been killed and a new video has been released after some time.

There had been reports of Osama bin Laden being killed several times, but after some time, a new video of Laden was released. Baghdadi is doing something similar.

The whole world had received news of Baghdadi being killed in the year 2014, but now a video of it has been released, which now confirms his life.

When Baghdadi first appeared to the world

When the world first saw the violent video released by the terrorist organization ISIS, people were shocked. People knew that terrorists are cruel, but seeing such disgusting activity, the name of this terrorist organization was established in the minds of people all over the world.

And the time also came when people saw the head of this terrorist organization Abu al-Bakr Baghdadi. In a mosque in Mosul, Iraq, he addressed terrorists and inspired them to make jihad even more vigorous.

The whole world had come to know that this terrorist chief is very dangerous. Since then, thousands of people have been admitted to this terrorist organization from every country and these people have given the example of their dangerous dreams to the whole world every time.

In a video released by the media of ISIS, Baghdadi is talking about the recent terrorist attacks, which clearly shows that Baghdadi is alive.

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