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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Bagdadi is dead or alive.....What is truth?

ISIS Chief Abu Al-Bakr Baghdadi has laid his own dangerous web of terror all over the world. The ISIS has also claimed responsibility for the recent terrorist attack in Sri Lanka. The US gave the reason for ending the rule of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and a new terrorist organization was started and this terrorist organization started destroying the world.

About 5 years ago there was news of Abu Al Baghdadi being killed in an American drone attack. But even after this news, ISIS did not curb its dangerous intentions, which led many intelligence agencies to believe that Baghdadi may be alive. And now a video has been released by the media of ISIS in which Baghdadi is threatening to bear the brunt of the world. In this video, along with Baghdadi, three people are seen, whose faces have been blurred.

Whether Baghdadi is alive or not

This is not the first time that the head of a terrorist organization has been killed and a new video has been released after some time.

There had been reports of Osama bin Laden being killed several times, but after some time, a new video of Laden was released. Baghdadi is doing something similar.

The whole world had received news of Baghdadi being killed in the year 2014, but now a video of it has been released, which now confirms his life.

When Baghdadi first appeared to the world

When the world first saw the violent video released by the terrorist organization ISIS, people were shocked. People knew that terrorists are cruel, but seeing such disgusting activity, the name of this terrorist organization was established in the minds of people all over the world.

And the time also came when people saw the head of this terrorist organization Abu al-Bakr Baghdadi. In a mosque in Mosul, Iraq, he addressed terrorists and inspired them to make jihad even more vigorous.

The whole world had come to know that this terrorist chief is very dangerous. Since then, thousands of people have been admitted to this terrorist organization from every country and these people have given the example of their dangerous dreams to the whole world every time.

In a video released by the media of ISIS, Baghdadi is talking about the recent terrorist attacks, which clearly shows that Baghdadi is alive.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Stranded Canadians rescued by Coast Guard.

Sunday afternoon was very heavy on a couple of Canadians. The US for the boat aboard the boat. The Coast Guard came as an angel. U.S. Coast Guard rescues two Canadians from a coast near Tsusiat Falls.

Guardians of the Coast Guard responded to the call at 2:20 pm, and due to the assortment of assistance, coordinated a response through the Royal Canadian Center.

Immediately after the incident, a Port Station dolphin went out to the spot and reached there in about an hour, both of the Canadians were boarded. Both people were showing signs of hypothermia.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Why does Shane Watson's son consider Dhoni the best?

IPL fever has dominated the people. In every match of this season, viewers are getting to see something new. It can never be said that it will be a safe score in the match because every opposition team can chase any score well.

But in this IPL also only one team looks champion and that team is Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings. Dhoni's recently played innings forced Virat's team to cry tears of blood, but the match was won by Virat's team by 1 run but Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the heart.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the strongest part of the Indian cricket team. Being in their team only increases the pressure on the opposition team. Everyone likes Mahendra Singh Dhoni, even if it is the opposition team.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who kept the most confidence in Shane Watson in the IPL, and Shane Watson did not break Dhoni's confidence and put the match in Chennai's game by playing 96 runs.

Shane Watson's son is also a fan of Dhoni

Australian cricket all-rounder Shane Watshan has been celebrating his reputation in every season of the IPL but his performance has not won his son's heart yet.

Shane Watshan's son says that his father plays well but he considers Mahendra Singh Dhoni a good batsman as Shane Watson, like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is not able to hit sixes.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Salman Khan Bharat Trailer: People liked it, now they are waiting for the film to come on screen

The extremely powerful trailer of Salman Khan's upcoming film Bharat has been released and this trailer has started winning the hearts of people as soon as it comes on YouTube. A small glimpse of what the story could be in the film can be understood by watching this trailer.

The story of the film is done during the time of Nehru

The story of the film India dates back to the era when India became independent and Nehru was the Prime Minister of the country. The trailer of the film begins with the voice of Nehru ji. The trailer of the film takes us to the post-independence India. What was the problem in the country at that time is also seen in the trailer of this film.

Salman's dialogue sounds powerful

In the trailer, there is a dialogue of Salman Khan in which he says that "my life is more colorful than white hair on my head".

Saying this, he looks great in which he looks like an old man. This film is also important for Salman Khan because his film Race 3, released a few months ago, suffered a lot of losses. Film experts say that the big names do not attract the audience as much as the story of the film does. This film has been directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and has also written the screen play of the film.

It's a multi starer film

Apart from Salman Khan, stars like Jackie Shroff, Tabu, Satish Kaushik, Katrina Kaif, Ashif Sheikh, Sunil Grover, Disha Patni will be seen showing their colors in this film.

Salman and Katrina are the use of the film, but if the story is too dull, it will have the biggest impact on Salman Khan because after this the third film of his Dabangg series will come on screen. Salman Khan has high hopes from the film Bharat, the film will be released on June 5.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

LOK SABHA Election - When politicians cry in front of voters.

By Ravi Srivastava

The third phase of Lok Sabha elections is to be held on April 23. In the Lok Sabha elections, leaders have used the latest tactics to woo the voters. From the nominations to the public meetings, the breathtaking talks of the leaders are heard.

But another card is being played to woo voters in this Lok Sabha election. This is an emotional card. This is the leader who has got the idea of ​​the power of democracy.

That's why he brought a flood of tears in his rally. And started showing that it is yours among the biggest well wishers. Jaya Prada became emotional during the public meeting about her insulting remarks. And tears came to her eyes in front of the public. How much he gets from Rampur with this emotional card of Jayaprada remains to be seen.

But today we will tell you that in front of voters in Lok Sabha elections, about the leaders whose tears have come on the stage.

1- Jayaprada

BJP candidate from Rampur, Jayaprada became emotional about her remarks by Azam khan. When Jayaprada was addressing the public meeting after filing nomination papers, she got emotional during this while stopping her speech for a few moments and wiping her tears. And then she started addressing the public.

 2- Azam Khan

Azam Khan, who had faced a 72-hour ban on behalf of the Election Commission after making indecent remarks on Jayaprada, burst into tears at the public rally in Rampur and started crying in front of voters. While crying, he was saying that he is treating me like I am a terrorist. If the government had been under control, he would have shot me. I did not want to contest this election. Why was I prepared? What is my fault? Then Azam Khan wiped the edge of his running tears with a handkerchief. 

3- H.D. Deve Gowda

The politics of dynasty has always been hot in the country. Politicians accuse each other of dynastic politics. In such a situation, as soon as the allegations were made on former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, he wept in front of the voters on the stage.

 4- H.D. Kumarswami

Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy started crying at the rally just a few days ago and started saying that media always kept saying that it was his last day as Chief Minister. Kumaraswamy said that false news is spread against him.

Whatever be the case, in this festival of democracy, the power of democracy is known to the leaders. And then how to woo voters would be considered with deep study. After which the emotional card is played again. Now he can tell the truth about the tears of the leaders.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Slap and shoegag in politics, know which leaders faced it.

By Ravi Srivastava, Lucknow

The atmosphere of the Lok Sabha elections in the country is hot, in this hot environment, the absurd rhetoric of the leaders is becoming uncontrolled with each coming day. Each party is accusing each other. And in the name of action on behalf of the Election Commission, then ban on campaigning for just 2 to 3 days. But meanwhile, the election season changed its course. And the leaders started slapping boots and slaps. The first BJP national spokesperson GV L Narasimha Rao is thrown a shoe at him during the press conference.

On the other hand, during the election meeting of Congress leader Hardik Patel, a man went to the stage and slapped him. However, he was later beaten up by hearty supporters. After which the person was brought to the hospital for treatment.

Where he was treated. The slapping man says that his pregnant wife had to suffer due to Hardik. After which he thought of slapping Hardik. At the same time, he also told that once he went out to take the child's medicine, he saw that everything was closed. Gujarat was agitated and closed. That person says whether Hardik Patel considers himself Hitler. It is the same people who make the leaders sit on their heads but if something hurts them, then the leaders do not hesitate at all in making them water.

Let us know which leaders have faced public anger.

1. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal faced the anger of an auto driver on 8 April 2014 when he was slapped by an auto driver during a road show in Delhi's Sultanpuri area.

2. AAP MLA Dinesh Mohania was slapped by a woman arguing over the water problem.

3. Bhupendra Singh Hooda was slapped by a youth during the rally.

4. NCP leader Sharad Pawar was slapped by a Sikh youth.

5. Congress leader Hardik Patel was slapped by a man during a public meeting.

Now let us know which leaders were thrown shoes

1- Recently the shoe was thrown during a press conference over BJP national spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao.

2- After finishing the road show on Naveen Patnaik a few days ago, the shoe was thrown during the meeting.

3. Congress president Rahul Gandhi was thrown a shoe during the 2016 assembly elections in Sitapur, UP.

4- In January 2016, a shoe was thrown at Nitish Kumar.

5- In April 2016, a shoe was thrown at Kejriwal.

6- In 2016, Naveen Jindal was thrown a shoe.

7- In 2015, a shoe was thrown at Jeetharam Manjhi.

8- In 2014, a shoe was thrown at Parkash Singh Badal.

9- Shoe was thrown during a press conference on Congress leader P Chidambaram in 2009.

10- On April 28, 2009, BS Yeddyurappa was slapped.

11- In 2009, a shoe was thrown at former PM Manmohan Singh.

12- A shoe was thrown at BJP leader LK Advani.

Not only in India, foreign leaders have also been thrown shoes

Former President of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is not even deprived of the former US President George W. Bush.

Well, this is an important part of politics in which the leader is slapped and beaten with shoes, only then that leader is called a strongman.

Friday, April 19, 2019

This is the new Alto Car sold in Pakistan.

Alto in pakistan

If a company meets Pakistan's dream car cheap prices, then it is Suzuki. Suzuki unloads the car model in Pakistan that sells in India but there is one thing to look for here and it is that in Pakistan, Suzuki sells cars that were once sold in India in the '90s.

How is the new Alto launched in Pakistan

There is no difference in the design of the new Alto launched in Pakistan. The top variant of Alto has dual air bags, ABS, power windows and AC. Alto has been introduced with three variants. No changes have been made in the car's engine. It has a 650 cc engine which was in the earlier Alto. In Pakistan, engines of Euro 2 Narmus are still being sold. This shows how the car company there is selling old goods to the people at high prices.

What will be the price of new alto

Most people in Pakistan are crazy about Suzuki cars because these cars are cheaper than other cars. The base variant of Suzuki's new Alto will get around Rs 8 lakh and the top variant will get around Rs 10 lakh.

One more thing to note is that Suzuki sells his cars by assembling them in Pakistan. Suzuki brings one of the parts of its car and fits it in Pakistan and then these cars are sent to the show-room.

How is the condition of the automobile industry in Pakistan

The common citizen of Pakistan is forced to take a scrap from these car companies because most of the car companies there keep low-level cars in the market. People have no choice but to take these cars.

To buy a good car, almost any Pakistani will have to spend about 25 lakh rupees or else it will be a compulsion to buy only 10 million rupees.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Will Rahul make connections with Wayanad by breaking his relationship with Amethi?

Written by Ravi Srivastava, Lucknow

Rahul Gandhi is on Wayanad tour after filing nomination from Wayanad of Kerala. Where he said that I have come here to have an age-old relationship with you guys. Will Rahul Gandhi leave Amethi in such a situation?

District Amethi of Uttar Pradesh, which is called the Congress stronghold in politics. Congress President Rahul Gandhi started his political innings in Amethi in 2004 and till now has hit a hat-trick of victory from here. The people of Amethi had also proved themselves as if they only recognized the Congress symbol.

Whatever be the fourth time, Rahul Gandhi again nominated from Amethi. But this time Rahul has filed his nomination from Wayanad seat in Kerala besides Amethi. That is, Rahul Gandhi is contesting from two Lok Sabha seats. In such a situation, it will be a challenge to the Congress president that if he wins from both the seats, which seat will he quit? On one hand, the people of Amethi who have supported the Congress for years, on the other hand Rahul is the newest seat for Wayanad.

After filing the nomination, Rahul Gandhi, who arrived on the tour of Wayanad, assured that the people here came and said that I (Rahul Gandhi) have come here to play the relationship with you people. Not only this, Rahul Gandhi said that I do not lie like Prime Minister. I have come here to support me for a lifetime. In such a situation, the meaning of Rahul Gandhi's statement is that if Rahul wins both the seats, will Rahul leave Amethi? Will Rahul break the trust of the people of Amethi? It is the same people who saved the honor of the Congress from Amethi even after the Modi wave in 2014. In such a situation, what will be left with Rahul, he will either break the trust of the people of Amethi or save his promise to Wayanad.

Congress lost to Amethi only twice

Amethi has been elected to the Lok Sabha 18 times, including elections and by-elections. In which the Congress won 16 times. The Congress had to face defeat for the first time in 1977 by Raghavendra Pratap Singh of Janata Party and secondly in 1998 by Dr. Sanjay Singh of BJP. Whereas in the rest of the elections, members of the Gandhi family continued to win in Parliament by a record number of votes.

Emotional relationships with Wayanad

Rahul Gandhi, who arrived on the Wayanad tour, offered prayers at the Thirunelli temple before the rally. Apart from Rahul's political aspect, there are emotional moments in this tour.

After the death of Rajiv Gandhi in a suicide attack in 1991, the bones of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi were immersed in the Papashini river near this temple.

The challenge will be to choose a seat in front of Rahul

Rahul, who is contesting Lok Sabha elections from Amethi and Wayanad, will not be easy to leave Amethi if he wins from both the seats.

Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala said in his statement that Rahul Gandhi will not leave Amethi. In such a situation, while addressing the public meeting in Wayanad, what should be done to understand what Rahul had said about maintaining an age-old relationship. In 1980, Indira Gandhi contested from Medak and Rae Bareli in Andhra Pradesh. After winning both the seats, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi left the Rae Bareli seat, a Congress stronghold. In such a situation, does Rahul Gandhi's statement make the same sense?

Monday, April 15, 2019

Bhai Wah, Azam Khan saheb, are your election lyrics vulgar or decent?

Written by Ravi Srivastava, Lucknow

In the Lok Sabha elections, Jubani Jung and indecisive comments are being seen. Rampur SP leader and candidate Azam Khan introduced his unruly language under this verbal war.

Azam Khan, while commenting indefinitely on Jayaprada, said that it took 17 years for the people of Rampur to identify him and in 17 days I recognized that the color of his underwear was khaki.

Look at the extent of shamelessness at the time when Azam made this statement, at that time SP National President Akhilesh Yadav was also present. This comment of Azam on Jayaprada is indecent with slanderous. Didn't Azam Khan take care of the women of her house before making such a comment? After making such a comment on a woman, how will he show the women of her house?

It is the same Samajwadi Party that talks about women empowerment but leaves no stone unturned to make vulgar remarks on women.

Mulayam Singh Yadav had also given a statement on the rape that boys make mistakes. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav calls for women's empowerment but is sitting silent in this entire matter. Azam Khan calls himself the leader of Muslims. Call yourself read and written.

By making such vulgar remarks on Jayaprada, he has given an introduction to the people, expressing his mindset. Electoral frustration is evident on his face. People clapping on the statement of disrespecting a woman in such a way in a full meeting, just think if someone makes such a comment on the women in your house, how would it feel? Azam Khan got applause at this statement but lost his respect in how much respect he has for women.
The Commission of Women has summoned Azam by sending a notice, while Jaya Prada took a dig at Azam and asked if he did not even care for his mother and sisters. Azam's arms are flying everywhere and his honor is flying, but when a man is shameless, where is his honor. In his clarification, Azam said that without naming, I had said that it was not on Jaya Prada but on someone else who came to Rampur to take me (Azam Khan) with 150 rifles. Nowadays his health is going bad.
By making such indecent remarks, Azam has introduced his gothic thinking in such a way that he is afraid of this growing frustration and that Azam does not get ahead of underwear in the Lok Sabha elections.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The peculiar experiment will not work to woo voters.

 Written Ravi Srivastava, Lucknow

Saheb, this is the election season, everything goes on in this season. In this season, the leaders start going home to vote, the leaders start eating food in the house of the poor, the leaders start embracing people, and seek the blessings of victory from the people.

Not only this, Saheb would have taken the contract to entertain. Now in this summer, the boiling political mercury is increasing. New methods are being used to woo voters.

Now, see for yourself that in this election, the mind also swings and the body also swings. And the viewing public was entertained and enjoyed. Mind-blowing and body-jerking refers to the serpent dance done to woo voters.

Karnataka Housing Minister MTB Nagaraj snorted fiercely to the tune of Bean. To woo voters in Hoskote

Nagaraj reached Katigenhalli village with his supporters. There he sought votes for Congress candidate and former Union Minister Veerappa Moily from Chikballapur Lok Sabha seat. But as the band playing with the convoy started playing the popular 'Naagin Dhun', the minister could not stop himself and both his mind and body began to oscillate on the tune. The minister kept on entertaining the voters by lingering on it with his workers for about ten minutes. The voter also continued to enjoy this unique dance art. And the mind kept thinking, where will we see such a dance.

Whatever it is, this time in the Lok Sabha elections, Jubani Jung is indulging in religion, community, thieves, money lenders, selfies as well as strange poor paternal politicians to woo the voters. In a single breath, BJP leader Vineet Agarwal, who once called Kamal Kamal Kamal, Namo Namo, has written a new definition. During this time, the people who came to the rally also laughed very loudly, the leader's breath started blooming, but the lotus lotus did not stop chanting. Videos of both the leaders are making a lot of headlines on social media. In any case, we are running no less than in this electoral battle. The Congress leader has given a dance and the BJP leader has given birth to a new contest in the elections by speaking lotus and Namo in one breath. But this election is the future of the country, the future of youth, the future of women, the future of farmers.

Now this will not work. Why the country wants development The country wants employment. The country wants security. The country wants peace.

There is a need to stay on this issue. this is public, public knows all this.