Why Maruti Suzuki cars are proving to be tin cans?

The country's largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India is offering more than one car to the country's consumers, but the safety features in these cars are not much attention. Maruti Suzuki compromises with the material used in each of its cars, leaving nothing in the name of the body's strength that has to be borne by the driver of the car or the person riding the car. This does not mean that the strength of the car is known only by accident.

Vehicles on the road become victims of accident due to some gloom. These accidents become a lesson for the people in the car, and for some it becomes the last journey of life.

After all, why India's most trusted company is breaking our trust. It was another era when people wanted to take only four wheelers but now the time is that people pay more attention to what is in the name of safety in this four wheelers.

The biggest reason for Maruti becoming a tin box is that their cars are cheaper in every segment and from other company's cars, due to which Maruti Suzuki has to use low level material.

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