If there is a mustache, it should be like Abhinandan, otherwise.

This ambiance of the Indian Air Force is the hero of Indian hearts and this place of Abhinandan will always be like the sun and the moon. Wing Commander Abhinandan, the dilemma with which we lived in Pakistan, was the only one we had read in books and seen in films. We were seeing a brave soldier for the first time.

Abhinandan's mustache is now in the trend. Every youth is now going to the salon to have a mustache like a greeting.

In Bangalore and Mumbai, salons are working for such a look for free and there is a huge crowd here. At the same time, madness can be seen in other states of the country as well.

In the film Sharabi, Amitabh Bachchan has a dialogue "Bhai mustache ho, to nathulal jasi, varna na ho" but now in this dialogue, Nathulal's place has been Abhinandan.

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