There is truth in the story.

A few months ago a film was released on former Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh ji and now a film is going to be released on the then Prime Minister of India. In both films, the story is true or it has been spiced up, but the only purpose is to somehow turn the public's mind towards its own (political party).

What did Manmohan Singh ji do, what did Narendra Modi ji do, why did the people of the film world think at the time of elections.

To understand these things, you need to know about a story.

Long ago a king lived in a state and the subjects of that state were very upset with the law of the king because the merchant class, the peasant class were forced to give half of their earnings to the king's treasury. The youth group used to think of going into the king's army and filling their pockets, which increased people's problems even more.

One day the king called the head of the spies in his court and said that what is the opinion of the people about us, what our neighboring states think about us. The chief of the detective said that Maharaj our people are upset with your law and the neighboring states are preparing to attack us because they are taking our people in their favor.

What to do if the king said. The Mukiya of the detective said that Maharaj, we have to leave only a few of our people in the public who will sing your praise day and night, because of this our people will also slowly start accepting your law as good.

The king liked this and he did the same. Slowly more than half of the people came in favor of the king and he liked the law of the king, which did not like the law of the king, he was called a traitor. Because of this, the rest of the people also came in favor of the king.

Our films are doing something similar. The film world is fooling people by becoming the detective's head. The public will not benefit. Film and political party will benefit.

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