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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Why Maruti Suzuki cars are proving to be tin cans?

The country's largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India is offering more than one car to the country's consumers, but the safety features in these cars are not much attention. Maruti Suzuki compromises with the material used in each of its cars, leaving nothing in the name of the body's strength that has to be borne by the driver of the car or the person riding the car. This does not mean that the strength of the car is known only by accident.

Vehicles on the road become victims of accident due to some gloom. These accidents become a lesson for the people in the car, and for some it becomes the last journey of life.

After all, why India's most trusted company is breaking our trust. It was another era when people wanted to take only four wheelers but now the time is that people pay more attention to what is in the name of safety in this four wheelers.

The biggest reason for Maruti becoming a tin box is that their cars are cheaper in every segment and from other company's cars, due to which Maruti Suzuki has to use low level material.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Dhoni and Kohli's team ready for the first match of IPL.

Now only a few hours are left for the IPL of 2019 to begin. The first match of this season will be played at 8 pm on 23 March. Most of the people know what will be the result of the match.

Kohli has 30 percent chance of success in the first match and Dhoni has 70 percent chance of winning the match.

This is being said because the players of Dhoni's team have always been seen playing the role of trouble-makers for the match. At the same time, Kohli's team also has many troublemakers, but his performance is not seen in every match.

There is no doubt that Royal Challenger Bangalore is a strong team but for a good team there is always hope of good performance from the players who win the match.

On the other hand, Chennai Super King has always been doing well in every situation of the match. And it is here that puts Chennai one step ahead of Bangalore.

The first match of IPL will be named after Mahendra Singh Dhoni's team and Kohli's team will have to wait till the second match for their first win.

Friday, March 22, 2019

There is truth in the story.

A few months ago a film was released on former Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh ji and now a film is going to be released on the then Prime Minister of India. In both films, the story is true or it has been spiced up, but the only purpose is to somehow turn the public's mind towards its own (political party).

What did Manmohan Singh ji do, what did Narendra Modi ji do, why did the people of the film world think at the time of elections.

To understand these things, you need to know about a story.

Long ago a king lived in a state and the subjects of that state were very upset with the law of the king because the merchant class, the peasant class were forced to give half of their earnings to the king's treasury. The youth group used to think of going into the king's army and filling their pockets, which increased people's problems even more.

One day the king called the head of the spies in his court and said that what is the opinion of the people about us, what our neighboring states think about us. The chief of the detective said that Maharaj our people are upset with your law and the neighboring states are preparing to attack us because they are taking our people in their favor.

What to do if the king said. The Mukiya of the detective said that Maharaj, we have to leave only a few of our people in the public who will sing your praise day and night, because of this our people will also slowly start accepting your law as good.

The king liked this and he did the same. Slowly more than half of the people came in favor of the king and he liked the law of the king, which did not like the law of the king, he was called a traitor. Because of this, the rest of the people also came in favor of the king.

Our films are doing something similar. The film world is fooling people by becoming the detective's head. The public will not benefit. Film and political party will benefit.

Friday, March 8, 2019

If you want this great car, then go watch IPL.

IPL is the treasure of Kubera. Players get crores of rupees. BCCI's earnings are thrice. On the broadcasting channel, there is a rain of money. But now the grace of Lakshmi Devi is going to rain on the audience too.

The audience is going to get Tata Harrier in this IPL. Tata Harrier, the new Tata SUV launched in the hall, has become popular in a short time. Now this car will become the pride of the homes of the visitors coming to watch the IPL. To achieve this, a condition has been laid that whoever catches the spectator ball will become the owner of Tata Harrier. It is clear that this time many people are going to bring Tata Harrier to their house.

There is no rain of fours and sixes in IPL, it cannot happen. It has been 11 seasons and has set a record of fours and sixes in every season. So this is going to happen this time also. The car of the audience's dream is just one catch away from them. In IPL, there will be many opportunities to catch spectators in every corner of the stadium.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

If there is a mustache, it should be like Abhinandan, otherwise.

This ambiance of the Indian Air Force is the hero of Indian hearts and this place of Abhinandan will always be like the sun and the moon. Wing Commander Abhinandan, the dilemma with which we lived in Pakistan, was the only one we had read in books and seen in films. We were seeing a brave soldier for the first time.

Abhinandan's mustache is now in the trend. Every youth is now going to the salon to have a mustache like a greeting.

In Bangalore and Mumbai, salons are working for such a look for free and there is a huge crowd here. At the same time, madness can be seen in other states of the country as well.

In the film Sharabi, Amitabh Bachchan has a dialogue "Bhai mustache ho, to nathulal jasi, varna na ho" but now in this dialogue, Nathulal's place has been Abhinandan.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Now Rakhi Sawant will destroy Pakistan.

India has always been sour on Pakistan's relations. Relations between these two countries have never been normal. It is Pakistan's habit for India to promote terrorist tactics every day. But this habit of Pakistan can now be released only by Rakhi Sawant.

In fact, Rakhi Samvat nowadays attends the program promoting the wrestling program.

Wrestlers get real strength by seeing Rakhi Sawant but Rakhi Sawant is not happy with this responsibility only. He spoke to the media and said that he is very upset with the actions of Pakistan and he is a real patriot.

Rakhi further said that if she gets a chance, she will jump from Pakistan with a 2000 kg bomb into Pakistan and erase this country from the world map.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Now what has happened.

Abhinandan, a brave officer of the Indian Air Force, made a great comeback in present-day India. Pakistan made many wait. The Wing Commander had a glow on his face even when he was in front of the enemy and even when he was returning to his homeland. Meaning the young man is in control in every situation.

But a very strange thing has been seen since yesterday.

A message is bouncing on the news channel and that message is

If Rafale is to be given to Abhinandan, then the vote is (@ # $%).

What did this mean? Meaning only the political party will think that if you want security, then vote for us. The situation happens when some people campaign for this. Our country has been running democracy since 1947. Congress and BJP have been the power centers of the country. In this, Congress has kept the reins of the country for a long time, after this it is BJP.
But today's dangerous politics is stuck on the security of the country.

Rafale will be given only when the party wins. This means that whatever weapons or vehicles are with our army and the police, it is because of this that the power was brought to the center at that time. What is this media showing the country? Please be ashamed of journalists.

Let's say if the party doesn't win, won't Rafael get it? Friends, we are making people politic crazy so much that we get into their words. The country is not protected by politicians nor do you vote. The dutyman on the border sees his duty and not the politics going on at the center.

Such poor messages do not protect the country for votes.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Comparison of patriotic journalist and soldier.

This is not a question, it is a fact. Some of our journalists are far ahead in terms of patriotism. You cannot measure how far ahead it is even in light years. The young man of the country performs his duty but our patriotic journalist fulfills his duty all by himself. Everyone takes responsibility and he takes this responsibility in front of the camera in the air-conditioned room of the news studio.

Nowadays there is a tsunami of such patriotism. The relations between India and Pakistan were not built, but their patriotism comes out loudly.

The Mumbai terror attack, Uttarakhand natural disaster, Nepal earthquake, India's first surgical strike, Pathankot attack, Pulwama attack and today's air strike have proved the media by doing very low level journalism on all these incidents. Terrorist training is nothing short of a camp.

The Indian Air Force targeted the terrorist training camp in Pakistan. The next day, the Indian Air Force pilot was caught by Pakistan. But in these two days, patriotic journalists have also given a challenge to the patriotism of the soldiers of the country. When someone was seen wearing an army uniform and anchoring, one came to the news room after drinking a pot of veer ras and those who were killed have come to Pakistan by air strike.

One imagines that one of our patriotic journalists goes to Pakistan alone. He has taken up the task from his mind that he will bring back the Indian soldiers who are in Pakistan jail. In addition, he will also broadcast this operation live on his channel. The journalist somehow crosses the border line, disguises and reaches Pakistan jail. It is being broadcast live all over India. The channel's TRP is increasing. But soon the live beating of that journalist is also seen on TV and now he is also in jail.

Friends, the thing was that whatever the journalist was doing, he was watching the whole country as well as the neighboring country was also caught, so he was caught. Therefore, the media should work within its scope, which today's media is not doing.