How does the rumor spread?

There is only one reason for the rumor to spread that the rumor flies at rocket speed.

That is the reason the mind is void.

In this mind zero, in this reason you do not matter to be educated or illiterate. What matters here is having your mind zero. If so, you will believe anything and start working as propellant of this rumor (fuel used in rockets).

This mind is a little brain to spread a thing that is zero, some brain gives zero people raw rice and they add salt, chilli, spices to it and make a good khichdi. Then comes our mind zero media which spreads this khichdi by making it raita.

After this, a false atmosphere of fear and fear begins in the country. People start feeling that this country is no longer worth living.

Friends, this country has seen many centuries and will continue to do the same in the future, but we do not have to be mindless. The real service of the country is only when we will not be mindless.

The rumor spreads only because of mind zero.

I said this because I had spread many types of drains during my college time, which used to give me a lot of entertainment. These rumors were of ghosts and invisible animals, which my friends and college guards had convinced.

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