This means that Vijaya Mallya will never return to India.

The UK lower court had given the green signal to Vijay Mallya's extradition on 10 December 2018, which has also been accepted by the UK Home Ministry and now preparations are being made to hand Vijay Mallya to India. People of India can be happy after hearing this news, but there is one more hidden thing in this news which will spoil the happiness of the people.

The thing is that Vijay Mallya had 14 days to file a petition in the High Court of India against this decision, which the businessman filed in the High Court of India the very next day after the Home Ministry (UK) decision. Gave. Businessman Vijay Mallya gave this information on his Twitter.

The whole of India knows how many crores Vijay Mallya owes and India also knows how long the decision of the law takes. Vijay Mallya holds UK citizenship even if he loses in the High Court of India, he will still have the option to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

From this you can understand that nothing will happen to Mallya, he will remain in Britain and will live a life of comfort.

The farmer of our country embraces death by paying a debt of 50 thousand and the businessmen spend their entire life with debt and enjoy it.

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