Where there is an issue at every place, there is a mess of votes, such a country is mine.

I do not know why people do not understand that the citizens of India will not be benefited by the politics of identity, religion and caste. And like every time, we are walking on the same path that brings us back to where we were. And by walking on the same path, many leaders shine their politics and become Kuber.

The story I am going to tell now is a true event, it is only related to the living people who are connected to it.

The thing is that people worked hard and brought a hard working person to the legislature. People started to feel that now their government is going to run. But the MLA ji was a worshiper of some Kautilya ji. They would just make people feel foolish and say that this is happening because of the people of the opposition, I am being prevented from doing your work. People started to feel that the leader is right. The leader is happy because his legislature is safe next time too.

On the other hand, the former MLA of the opposition was so poor that the poor had ever given him legislature. He has been an MLA continuously for 10 years since then and this time he became another MLA. But these former MLAs are nowadays opening degree colleges and their relatives who teach there.

It is now being heard that our present day MLAs are opening petrol pumps, before that they have also taken gas agency and have also opened a very good house. But those people of ours are still in the same line as the poverty line. They did not get any benefit. It is the poor section who are at the forefront of the vote and after winning, they reach the last row.

Once I explained to these people, I told me that they belong to our caste and listen to us.

The word is finished, it is useless to explain, only one thing remains, it is the following.

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