Narada's visit to India, learned the specifics of journalism from a journalist.

Narayan Narayan… .. Saying this, Narada appeared in India and took out from his pocket the list of names of the biggest journalists of the country from whom he had to learn the nuances of journalism.

Narada ji had less time because leaving the news channel in Parlok as an intern was not dangerous because the demons were no longer on Indra's throne, but on the news channel. That is why Narada ji thought that his tuition should be taken from any one journalist.

Walked to a journalist's house. The journalist was frying pakoras in his house. Narada ji touching the foot of that journalist said that you are great, you are a journalist of such a big news channel in India, so how do you take time to fry pakoda. The journalist said, listen son Narada, now you are raw, only things that are not present in the media house are there. Narada ji's head turned. Journalist said, do not think much, just understand that you are Rajpal Yadav, who has gone missing after missing the film, understand.

Narada said, please tell me rightly, the journalist showed a 2000 note and said that there is a chip in it. Narada ji said, chip in it?

The journalist said yes Chip. Now understand, that which is not there, it is he who has spoken, and what is there, say it or not.

Narada ji started crying on his journalism, he said, Maharaj, I have heard that D.N.A. Let's do it. Journalist said son D.N.A. So leave it, we also do it that the news itself seems to be oblivious.

Narada ji was not able to speak properly this time and his body was coiling, yet the journalistic worm inside him was alive. Journalist said, see now, you cannot become a good journalist, do this, come to my office tomorrow and do a 3-month internship. Narada ji said, will this make me a good journalist. Why did not that journalist say that you will become a completely journalist.

Just friends, it has been 2 years since Narada ji's internship is not over. And the news channel of Parlok has been captured by the demons.

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