Team India is getting ready for the great Kumbh of cricket.

For Australia, the tour to India will be very important because this time the guest team will be accompanied by assistant coach Ricky Ponting, who with his experience will help the team to achieve the target. India proved that by winning the One Day and Test series on Australia tour, now this team has changed. India's team has started winning the series not only on home ground but also on foreign ground.

Australia will try to defeat India in every field of every cricket to avenge its defeat. But Barat will see this series as a preparation for the World Cup because this is the last series of the international match for India and after this series, the players of India will be busy in the IPL, which will only rain fours and sixes. But this 50-over match is sensible, which the Indian team would like to capitalize on well.

The Mahakubh of cricket is about 4 months from the start and the Indian team would like to repeat their good performance in this series.

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