This is also a dark truth of the glitzy life of the film world.

It is only a short time before the great artist, writer Kader Khan departed from this world. People working with him did not ask him till recently. And now another artist departed from this world. It is being talked about the 90s villain Mahesh Anand who will be seen beating the hero in films of that era. The rotten body of Mahesh Anand was recovered from his Mumbai home. Looking at the dead body, it was easy to guess that Mahesh Anand had said goodbye to the world two days ago.

Baitaj Badshah, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, Lal Badshah are some of his films.

We look at the film screen people and understand that every person in the film world lives a life of fun, then this thing becomes absolutely false because when the news of such condition of people connected with this world comes, then the truth comes out. .

Every person working here suffers from some stress and when someone stops getting work, then his life starts going into financial crisis.

After all why does it happen that even after earning so much money, people become lonely and get financially strapped. The answer to this matter may not be so easy because this life in the world of puppies does not give you time to think about anything for the future.

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