The IPL will begin on March 23.

The real T20 Hurricane IPL is starting from 23 March. This is the 12th edition of the IPL. The IPL has officially released a 17-match schedule on Twitter. These 17 matches will be played from 23 March to 5 April.

Chennai Super King and Royal Challenger Bangalore will be face to face in the inaugural IPL match. Chennai Super King is the winning team from last season. Chennai Super King has been a three-time IPL champion. Mumbai Indians have also won the title three times.

Matches in IPL in March March 23 - Chennai vs Bengaluru March 24 - Kolkata vs Hyderabad March 24 - Mumbai vs Delhi 25 March - Rajasthan vs Punjab 26 March - Delhi vs Chennai 27 March - Kolkata vs Punjab March 28 - Bengaluru vs Mumbai March 29 - Hyderabad vs Rajasthan March 30 - Mumbai vs Punjab March 30 - Delhi vs Kolkata March 31 - Hyderabad vs Bengaluru March 31 - Chennai vs Rajasthan

IPL matches in April 1 April - Punjab vs Delhi 2 April - Rajasthan vs Bengaluru 3 April - Mumbai vs Chennai 4 April - Delhi vs Hyderabad April 5 - Bengaluru vs Kolkata

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