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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hindi news channels are killing terrorists.

On 26 February 2019, Indian Air Force fighter jets bombed some terrorist targets identified in Pakistan and came under the border of their country. Pakistan Air Force fighter planes could not do anything. In the evening, the press was informed by the Ministry of External Affairs that the targets of Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar have been targeted in which many terrorists have been killed.

Friends, this was a correct and official news, but the chilli masala that the Hindi news channel has put up with this whole news, clearly shows what the level of journalism is. Till date, 300 to 350 terrorists are killed, ABP says 250 terrorists killed, Zee News figures kept on increasing. It seemed that the journalist of the news channel was the pilot of the fighter plane.

They searched every news channel of Pakistan, even watched the channels of foreign media, but nobody said any harm of any kind. But the Hindi media was excited because it had the art of spicing up the news.

On 27 February 2019, Pakistan Air Force fighter plane showed its strength on the Indian border in which two of our fighter jets crashed in which one pilot was martyred and one was captured.

But the Hindi media is still celebrating. What is celebrating in this? Our pilot is in their possession, our two planes are their victims, one pilot is martyred. And this Hindi media is serving wrong things by not saying the truth.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Cobra Post once again bounced.

The snake of investigative journalism has once again bitten big people. He sneaks out and goes away. This time it has duped big people like Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor, Tisca Chopra, Poonam Pandey, Vivek Auburoy, Rajpal Yadav, Mahima Chaudhary, Amisha Patel.

It has been heard that the next victim is going to be the media. That is why the media has not run this news on its channel.

Anyway, human nature is that everyone of greed is crazy. You can see this sting on youtube.

Cobra Post has always been known for its investigative journalism.

This time, Cobra Post has started Operation Kerooke, which has proved that celebrities can speak in favor of any party for money. Everyone knew how social media is being misused, but they did not know that it works in this way too.

In our country, people are very crazy behind the celebrity who follow everything they say and some celebrities take advantage of this and take out their work.
You people will be shocked to know that these people told the price of a message up to Rs 40 lakh and the monthly charge was Rs 75 lakh to 1 crore. More and more people were ready to message in favor of BJP and some people were ready to message in favor of Aam Aadmi Party.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pervez Musharraf said that the attack on Pakistan would be the biggest mistake of Narendra Modi.

Just a few hours ago, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan asked for evidence of the attack from India and threatened him. A Pakistani minister said that there would be no life left in India.

Now Pakistan's former army chief and President Pervez Musharraf is also threatening India. Musharraf says that Pakistan is fully prepared to respond to India and if Modi attacks, it will be his and his country's biggest mistake.

Pervez Musharraf further said that my condolences are with the families of the soldiers. I agree that this attack was dastardly but Pakistan has no hand in it.

This attack is done by Jaish-e-Mohammed. I was also attacked by Jaish. India should take revenge on Jaish.

Musharraf said that there is more fire in my heart than the fire of Narendra Modi. The army of India shoots the people of Kashmir, explodes their eyes, which increases the anger in my heart. I start burning in fire. Stop killing innocents and settle Kashmir.

It seems that the leaders and former leaders of Pakistan will continue to threaten India on similar television and will also talk about the Kashmir issue.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The IPL will begin on March 23.

The real T20 Hurricane IPL is starting from 23 March. This is the 12th edition of the IPL. The IPL has officially released a 17-match schedule on Twitter. These 17 matches will be played from 23 March to 5 April.

Chennai Super King and Royal Challenger Bangalore will be face to face in the inaugural IPL match. Chennai Super King is the winning team from last season. Chennai Super King has been a three-time IPL champion. Mumbai Indians have also won the title three times.

Matches in IPL in March March 23 - Chennai vs Bengaluru March 24 - Kolkata vs Hyderabad March 24 - Mumbai vs Delhi 25 March - Rajasthan vs Punjab 26 March - Delhi vs Chennai 27 March - Kolkata vs Punjab March 28 - Bengaluru vs Mumbai March 29 - Hyderabad vs Rajasthan March 30 - Mumbai vs Punjab March 30 - Delhi vs Kolkata March 31 - Hyderabad vs Bengaluru March 31 - Chennai vs Rajasthan

IPL matches in April 1 April - Punjab vs Delhi 2 April - Rajasthan vs Bengaluru 3 April - Mumbai vs Chennai 4 April - Delhi vs Hyderabad April 5 - Bengaluru vs Kolkata

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Team India is getting ready for the great Kumbh of cricket.

For Australia, the tour to India will be very important because this time the guest team will be accompanied by assistant coach Ricky Ponting, who with his experience will help the team to achieve the target. India proved that by winning the One Day and Test series on Australia tour, now this team has changed. India's team has started winning the series not only on home ground but also on foreign ground.

Australia will try to defeat India in every field of every cricket to avenge its defeat. But Barat will see this series as a preparation for the World Cup because this is the last series of the international match for India and after this series, the players of India will be busy in the IPL, which will only rain fours and sixes. But this 50-over match is sensible, which the Indian team would like to capitalize on well.

The Mahakubh of cricket is about 4 months from the start and the Indian team would like to repeat their good performance in this series.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The terrorist who was released, has wounded the country many times.

In 1994, security forces arrested him from Srinagar for being a member of the terrorist organization Harkat-ul-Mujahideen in Kashmir.

From then until the last week of 1999, the terrorist was in jail.

Plans were being made in the neighboring country to get that terrorist out of jail. The Indian aircraft was abducted on 24 December 1999 carrying 180 passengers. The plane was hijacked and brought to Kandahar and surrounded by terrorists.

At that time there was a BJP government at the Center, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister. The terrorists put a condition in front of the government that if Masood Azhar is not released, then all the passengers will be roasted with bullets.

The government's hands and feet swelled up. On the other hand, the terrorists shot a passenger and threw the dead body to the government. This put more pressure on the government.

Some security advisors said that the plane should be blown off with a missile, but not a condition. Some said that the passengers should be saved and Masood be released because Masood could be caught again. The government found this right and accepted the condition of the terrorists. And Masood was released on 30 December 1999, the rest of the passengers also came to the country safely.

After this Masood Azhar laid the foundation of Jaish-e-Mohammed and Parliament attack, Legislative Assembly attack in Jammu and Kashmir, Pathankot attack, Uri Hatac, and now Pulwama attack.

This is the pain this terrorist leader has given to the country. Now this terrorist is in Pakistan and performs his intentions sitting there.

Now how will he be caught. When he was in Indian jail, he was released before politics. now what.

Friday, February 15, 2019

41 soldiers killed in Pulwama attack.

The largest suicide attack and 41 jawan martyrs in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. How long will we keep watching this data? The thinking of home spies continues to undermine the security of the country.

A car enters a convoy of CRPF coming from the front loaded with 30 kg explosives and everything collapses as soon as the bus hits the bus. Terrorists hiding nearby try to do more harm by firing indiscriminately.

After reading all this, it seems that we are in another country. After all, this is the state of India where it is customary to raise a terrorist.

It is better to kill terrorists than to kill a terrorist.

Monday, February 11, 2019

China now needs more donkeys.

China has the most donkeys in the world, but now this country needs more donkeys. For this, China is making a farm in Pakistan where donkeys will be reared and their number will be increased. For this, China has planned to start a Rs 1200 crore project in Pakistan. On this pretext, Pakistan will also be benefited financially and some amount of debt will be reduced from its head.

By the way, the population of donkeys in Pakistan is around 50 lakhs and this number places Pakistan at the third position in terms of number of donkeys.

But what will China do for such donkeys?

China is known for its traditional medicines which use insect-moths and animals. In China, some medicine is made from every moth and every animal. The medicine made from the oil extracted from the skin of the donkey is used in the product of cosmetics, in addition to this, the blood deficiency in the body is also removed.

There is a lot of demand for beauty products made in China, and this is why many Chinese pharmaceutical companies are engaged in making farms for donkeys, so that they can make more profit.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

This is also a dark truth of the glitzy life of the film world.

It is only a short time before the great artist, writer Kader Khan departed from this world. People working with him did not ask him till recently. And now another artist departed from this world. It is being talked about the 90s villain Mahesh Anand who will be seen beating the hero in films of that era. The rotten body of Mahesh Anand was recovered from his Mumbai home. Looking at the dead body, it was easy to guess that Mahesh Anand had said goodbye to the world two days ago.

Baitaj Badshah, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, Lal Badshah are some of his films.

We look at the film screen people and understand that every person in the film world lives a life of fun, then this thing becomes absolutely false because when the news of such condition of people connected with this world comes, then the truth comes out. .

Every person working here suffers from some stress and when someone stops getting work, then his life starts going into financial crisis.

After all why does it happen that even after earning so much money, people become lonely and get financially strapped. The answer to this matter may not be so easy because this life in the world of puppies does not give you time to think about anything for the future.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Every citizen of India is the Governor of RBI.

India is a country where every citizen is the governor of the country's central bank. This is completely true and the system started three months after demonetisation. First, the people of the country stood outside the bank to change the note, later this public was given the position of Governor.

The people of this country are playing such a big position with great vigor. You are still wondering what is the meaning of this thing.

The point is simple, we have made 10 coins and small coins of 1 rupee as illegal currency. In many states of India, people are not carrying these coins. Banks are also not taking these coins.

Now you think, who has the power to declare any currency illegal, then only two people are seen. One is Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the other is Governor.

The Prime Minister is an exception here, so we are all governors.

If the people refuse to take the currency of any country, then the government of the country should think seriously. Even though the currency is small, only these coins are used for necessary work.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

After Baahubali, the new story of Rajamouli is coming on screen soon.

The way of telling the story will be fantastic, then it will settle in the heart of the people. This is what Rajamouli does. The Indian audience no longer wants to see any story served with big names for entertainment. He has now come to know what is good entertainment. Rajamouli knows this very well and keeping this in mind, he makes his films.

The movie Thugs of Hindustan, Zero, Race 3, released a few months ago, and similar films served only headaches in the name of entertainment, in which it is also necessary to mention Badrinath. Although the film made fun of Uttarakhand culture, people may have liked it but I did not like the joke made with Uttarakhand.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

This means that Vijaya Mallya will never return to India.

The UK lower court had given the green signal to Vijay Mallya's extradition on 10 December 2018, which has also been accepted by the UK Home Ministry and now preparations are being made to hand Vijay Mallya to India. People of India can be happy after hearing this news, but there is one more hidden thing in this news which will spoil the happiness of the people.

The thing is that Vijay Mallya had 14 days to file a petition in the High Court of India against this decision, which the businessman filed in the High Court of India the very next day after the Home Ministry (UK) decision. Gave. Businessman Vijay Mallya gave this information on his Twitter.

The whole of India knows how many crores Vijay Mallya owes and India also knows how long the decision of the law takes. Vijay Mallya holds UK citizenship even if he loses in the High Court of India, he will still have the option to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

From this you can understand that nothing will happen to Mallya, he will remain in Britain and will live a life of comfort.

The farmer of our country embraces death by paying a debt of 50 thousand and the businessmen spend their entire life with debt and enjoy it.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Where there is an issue at every place, there is a mess of votes, such a country is mine.

I do not know why people do not understand that the citizens of India will not be benefited by the politics of identity, religion and caste. And like every time, we are walking on the same path that brings us back to where we were. And by walking on the same path, many leaders shine their politics and become Kuber.

The story I am going to tell now is a true event, it is only related to the living people who are connected to it.

The thing is that people worked hard and brought a hard working person to the legislature. People started to feel that now their government is going to run. But the MLA ji was a worshiper of some Kautilya ji. They would just make people feel foolish and say that this is happening because of the people of the opposition, I am being prevented from doing your work. People started to feel that the leader is right. The leader is happy because his legislature is safe next time too.

On the other hand, the former MLA of the opposition was so poor that the poor had ever given him legislature. He has been an MLA continuously for 10 years since then and this time he became another MLA. But these former MLAs are nowadays opening degree colleges and their relatives who teach there.

It is now being heard that our present day MLAs are opening petrol pumps, before that they have also taken gas agency and have also opened a very good house. But those people of ours are still in the same line as the poverty line. They did not get any benefit. It is the poor section who are at the forefront of the vote and after winning, they reach the last row.

Once I explained to these people, I told me that they belong to our caste and listen to us.

The word is finished, it is useless to explain, only one thing remains, it is the following.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

How does the rumor spread?

There is only one reason for the rumor to spread that the rumor flies at rocket speed.

That is the reason the mind is void.

In this mind zero, in this reason you do not matter to be educated or illiterate. What matters here is having your mind zero. If so, you will believe anything and start working as propellant of this rumor (fuel used in rockets).

This mind is a little brain to spread a thing that is zero, some brain gives zero people raw rice and they add salt, chilli, spices to it and make a good khichdi. Then comes our mind zero media which spreads this khichdi by making it raita.

After this, a false atmosphere of fear and fear begins in the country. People start feeling that this country is no longer worth living.

Friends, this country has seen many centuries and will continue to do the same in the future, but we do not have to be mindless. The real service of the country is only when we will not be mindless.

The rumor spreads only because of mind zero.

I said this because I had spread many types of drains during my college time, which used to give me a lot of entertainment. These rumors were of ghosts and invisible animals, which my friends and college guards had convinced.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Narada's visit to India, learned the specifics of journalism from a journalist.

Narayan Narayan… .. Saying this, Narada appeared in India and took out from his pocket the list of names of the biggest journalists of the country from whom he had to learn the nuances of journalism.

Narada ji had less time because leaving the news channel in Parlok as an intern was not dangerous because the demons were no longer on Indra's throne, but on the news channel. That is why Narada ji thought that his tuition should be taken from any one journalist.

Walked to a journalist's house. The journalist was frying pakoras in his house. Narada ji touching the foot of that journalist said that you are great, you are a journalist of such a big news channel in India, so how do you take time to fry pakoda. The journalist said, listen son Narada, now you are raw, only things that are not present in the media house are there. Narada ji's head turned. Journalist said, do not think much, just understand that you are Rajpal Yadav, who has gone missing after missing the film, understand.

Narada said, please tell me rightly, the journalist showed a 2000 note and said that there is a chip in it. Narada ji said, chip in it?

The journalist said yes Chip. Now understand, that which is not there, it is he who has spoken, and what is there, say it or not.

Narada ji started crying on his journalism, he said, Maharaj, I have heard that D.N.A. Let's do it. Journalist said son D.N.A. So leave it, we also do it that the news itself seems to be oblivious.

Narada ji was not able to speak properly this time and his body was coiling, yet the journalistic worm inside him was alive. Journalist said, see now, you cannot become a good journalist, do this, come to my office tomorrow and do a 3-month internship. Narada ji said, will this make me a good journalist. Why did not that journalist say that you will become a completely journalist.

Just friends, it has been 2 years since Narada ji's internship is not over. And the news channel of Parlok has been captured by the demons.

There is a drought of unemployment.

The government which came to power by promising us 1 crore jobs every year, did not allow a report to be made public. It is good that the newspaper made it public and told that our unemployment rate has gone in the 1970s.

Every year 10 million people are getting ready for jobs, but there is no job. After all, why is this joke done?

It is said that if the young pakoras are fried then the people of the society will taunt them and bring them to the other world. There are more than 65 percent people in the age of 35, so this country is young but the youth is unemployed. After all, where are these good days?

Friday, February 1, 2019

Why do people like PUBG so much?

There are a lot of people in the world who play PUBG in their smart phones. So far, this game has been downloaded more than 10 million times and thousands of downloads have been done every day.

After all, what is it that is making people crazy about themselves? PUBG is an action game that people play with the help of internet. People love this game so much that people spend 90 minutes on it. A study has revealed that people's mind is being affected by this game.

People are quick to get angry and sometimes even control their mind.

This 2GB game is played on computers and smart phones, but the number of people who play this game in the phone is 70 million. An 11-year-old boy has filed an appeal in Mumbai High Court to ban the game in India.

This is not the first time in India when a game has caught people in its love trap. Before this, the Blue Whale Game and the Momo Challenge Game were also in the news.